6 tips to be on top after the holidays

The Christmas and New Years’ menu is sometimes like a gourmet marathon! The meal drags on, the plates parade and you greedily devour the dishes one after the other, in joy and good humor with your loved ones.

A few hours have passed after the battle and you feel your body idling. Belly cramps can occur and you feel heavy … very heavy. The cause: your intestines, your liver but also your stomach which are overloaded. Your body is trying to eliminate everything you’ve eaten!

Do not feel guilty: this meal made you happy! But if you want to help your body digest and compensate for holiday excesses, here are some tips to follow.

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1. Bet everything on vegetables and fruits

You ate a lot of sugars and fat. It is time, the day after the holidays, to give your body a break. Choose cooked vegetables, seasonal fruits such as clementine and kiwi, raw vegetables, compotes, soups, broths … You can opt for a leek fondue , pumpkin soup, or Thai broth.

As a reminder, vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals as well as fiber and antioxidants. They are essential allies for boosting organs, reducing inflammation, rebalancing the intestinal flora and promoting good metabolism.

Prefer cooking vegetables with steam and without fat. Otherwise, replace the butter and cream with vegetable oil.

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2. Choose lean meats

Beef, duck and other protein-rich red meats require energy from the body to digest them. However, he is already busy eliminating the excesses of the holidays. If the meals have been very rich and it is difficult to recover, the animal proteins are only reintroduced the day after the hearty meal little by little, starting with chicken, turkey and lean fat.
On the fish side, why not fall for a cod fillet in foil?

3. Short break for starchy foods at dinner

Easy to say, but difficult to do: for a healthy body and well recovered from the holiday season, the idea is to eat whole starchy foods – they are richer in fiber – only at lunch and not consume in the evening.

It is only from the third day after the holiday meal that they can be reintroduced for dinner. The following days, we try to maintain a balanced and varied diet, with vegetables, proteins including fish rich in omega-3, fruits, starchy foods and good fats composed among others of avocado, oil olive or oilseed.

4. No alcohol or sweets

To leave our liver alone, it is best to draw a line under alcohol, chocolate, sweets, soda, butter, cold meats and fast food.

In short, all products that are too sweet or too fatty are to be avoided for the good of your body! We also avoid coffee and tea, stimulants that will stimulate the body too much when it needs rest.

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5. Hydration, an infallible aid

Drinking at least 1.5 L of waterlemon juice and infusions helps hydrate your body, drain toxins and eliminate the waste accumulated in your body. But that’s not all: this good habit also helps to be full more quickly during meals. A tip to remember when trying to eat only soup at dinner!

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6. Take a short walk

No need to run a half-marathon in the minute after the end of the meal: your body needs to rest. It is rather advisable to go for a walkjust to stay static and eliminate.

Walking for half an hour will be enough! In the following days, do not hesitate to get back to the sport and do the activity you like: running, rollerblading, tennis, football… Physical activity stimulates the organism, the organs and keeps you healthy health.

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