Agave syrup: a clever alternative to sugar

We know that excess sugar is harmful to health, especially when it is white and refined. So what to replace it with? Zoom on agave syrup, a sugar not quite like the others …

Where does agave syrup come from?

The agave syrup is a 100% natural sugar , extracts of Agave mexicana, a cactus native to Mexico. Considered sacred and called “maguey”, it once served as an offering to the Aztecs . They also consumed the roots and the sap. Agave fibers were used to make fabrics.

A tasty amber syrup

Obtained by squeezing, filtering and heating the sap extracted from the leaves and heart of cacti , agave syrup is natural. It has a beautiful amber color and a delicate fragrance, similar to that of honey or maple syrup but more liquid.

The nutritional benefits of agave syrup

Unlike cane and beet sugar, the famous white sugar or even brown sugar, agave syrup has not undergone any transformation. It is also naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. Its major asset? Rich in fructose and poor in sucrose, it has a low glycemic index , that is to say that it does not cause a peak in blood sugar during its assimilation by the body. Its sweetening power is also stronger than white sugar.

⋙ What do I replace powdered sugar with?

How to use it in the kitchen?

With its light color and fairly neutral taste, it can be used for the preparation of many recipes, hot or cold. You can adopt it for example to coat a yogurt, a fruit salad, pancakes, pancakes, to sweeten a smoothie or a cake. On the equivalence side, count 75 g of agave syrup for the equivalent of 100 g of sugar.

Where to find agave syrup?

Agave syrup can be found more and more easily on the shelves of organic stores or in many delicatessens. Some brands also distribute it on the internet.

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