Common Myths And Misunderstandings About Keto Diet

Various myths are surrounding most diets. We reveal what the keto diet is, what is behind it, and how much truth is in it.

1. Lack of nutrient supply

Do you think that you cannot get enough nutrients with so much fatty food? If you do not pay attention to a balanced food selection during the ketogenic diet, this can happen quickly.

But a healthy keto diet is based on plenty of vegetables and lettuce as well as on mushrooms and herbs. Meat, fish, or egg is served with it. If you stick to it and enrich it with high-quality fats and oils, you will not suffer from a lack of essential nutrients.

2. Sick from keto

We are used to eating carbohydrates all the time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a croissant on the way to the baker’s office, your favorite pasta during your lunch break, or a cozy dinner with the family. If the beloved carbohydrates are now withdrawn from the body, it must first get used to it, and it may be that it reacts to it with the so-called keto flu.

Dizziness, headache, and malaise are typical signs of keto flu that can occur at the start of the diet. Drink enough water and do not save on salt because, with a ketogenic diet, the body sweats a lot of fluids and minerals.

3. Better mood

Are you in a bad mood when you hear the word diet? Ketones not only ensure long satiety, but they also lift the mood and make you happier. This is mainly because the body releases more of the hormone serotonin. This is responsible for increasing well-being. 

So we like to refine our sauce with a delicious piece of butter and ensure a delightful taste. And if it now also puts you in a good mood, an extra portion of fat is just right for us.

4. Increased cholesterol

It is a common misconception, and many cardiac patients may fear that the keto diet can cause cholesterol levels to go through the roof. But this is usually unfounded because the diet has a positive effect on the LDL and HDL ratio. In most patients, the “bad” LDL decreases, and the “good” HDL increases 1 ).

To make sure, a control measurement can be useful. If you see an increase in bad LDL cholesterol, the value usually levels off again after some time.

5. Unpleasant bad breath

Unfortunately, this can happen because as soon as your organism begins to form ketones, the ketone body is exhaled acetone. You will notice that too because your breath will smell fruity and slightly like nail polish remover. Your body odor can also change due to keto diet.

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This is only a temporary side effect and usually disappears within the first two weeks. If you notice these side effects, drink enough and, if necessary, use chewing gum to get your breath back.

6. Too much meat

Anyone who now fears that a large steak must land on their plates every day is wrong. A lot of fresh vegetables and lettuce form the basis of a ketogenic diet. These are enriched with high-quality oils. Dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and eggs are also an excellent way to replace meat. The keto diet even becomes vegetarian very quickly. A vegetarian keto plan for a whole week can be found here

Instead of meat, fat-rich cold-water fish such as salmon or herring are also excellent and provide a significant proportion of healthy fats.

Knowledge to take away

If you decide to get rid of a few annoying pounds with the keto diet and pay attention to a lot of vegetables and healthy fats, you do not have to worry about a lack of nutrients, and excessive cholesterol levels, or extreme meat consumption. Unpleasant bad breath and the keto flu are usually not permanent. 

See for yourself whether this diet is right for you. Perhaps, in the end, you will be rewarded with weight loss, a better mood, and increased well-being.


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