Foods not to be reheated in the microwave

More convenient and faster than its counterparts, the microwave makes the happiness of many families every day. However, there is no question of heating everything and anything! We take stock of foods not to put in the microwave.

No, the microwave is not the solution to all problems. Far from being an oven, the small auxiliary appliance has become a major ally in our kitchen, but it can also be the worst enemy of our foodstuffs. Discover the foods not to reheat in the microwave if you want to enjoy all their flavors, not to put yourself in danger and not to damage your device.

Fruits and vegetables with their skin

Generally, fruits and vegetables should not be reheated in the microwave. Rich in water, they are likely to explode in your device and create enormous damage. This is the case for example for apples . Grapes may produce some flames under the effects of radiation.

If these fruits are incompatible for technical reasons, others have significant health risks. The potatoes , when heated, can cause gastrointestinal upset due to the presence of molecules called glycoalkaloids. Celery, on the other hand, can become potentially carcinogenic when it goes into the microwave.

⋙ What are the most caloric fruits?

The mushrooms

The mushrooms should be eaten soon after picking, whether raw or cooked. Cooking in the microwave can cause bloating and stomach problems. So bad idea!

Blue cheeses

Notice to sensitive noses, reheating blue cheeses is strongly discouraged. When you open the door of your microwave, a strong smell of mold may escape …

Eggs in their shells

Once installed in the microwave compartment, the eggshell is likely to explode and therefore damage the appliance.

⋙ Do not throw the eggshells away!


Like their egg friends, shellfish (seafood, mussels, oysters, snails among others) do not find their place in the microwaves. The explosion of their shells is almost inevitable and their texture then becomes rubbery. Avoid it!

Materials not to put in the microwave

In the microwave, certain materials are also to be prohibited such as aluminum, porcelain and ceramic dishes as well as metal utensils. Plastic containing toxins such as bisphenol A can also be dangerous: the toxins are released when the plastic heats up.

For a list of foods not to put in the microwave, discover our slideshow of foods not to put in the microwave .

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