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Tartar sauce or tartar sauce is one of the products that you can make yourself quickly and easily, instead of buying it as a finished product. Freshly prepared, tartar sauce tastes just as good again and does completely without artificial additives and packaging waste. You can find out how remoulade can be made in this article.

Recipe for tartar sauce

Traditionally, tartar sauce is served as an addition to fish and meat dishes, but it also tastes great with baked potatoes, oven vegetables and many other dishes. The sour, creamy dip is basically nothing more than a (homemade) mayonnaise with chopped herbs and finely diced vegetables, mostly cucumbers.

So that the remoulade does not become too heavy, it is often “stretched” with sour cream or yoghurt. Depending on the dish, the taste can be flexibly adjusted.

For a glass of remoulade you need:

Tip: Those who value that the tartar sauce becomes very stiff only use the egg yolk and use the remaining protein in another way. If you like tartar sauce a little more fluid, you can use the whole egg.

How to prepare the tartar sauce:

  • Chop the cucumber into very small cubes, finely chop the herbs.
  • Mix the eggs, spices, mustard, vinegar, lemon or lime juice and, if necessary, sugar in a tall vessel with a hand blender.
  • Allow the oil to flow in slowly while mixing and stir until the mixture has become stiff.
  • Fold in sour cream or yoghurt and the finely chopped cucumbers and herbs.

Now the homemade tartar sauce is ready. Due to the raw egg, it can only be kept in the refrigerator for one to two days. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for freezing because the emulsified components would then separate again.

Tip: With a powerful blender, the oil can be mixed with the liquid ingredients straight away, and there is no need to slowly pour it in.

With these remoulade recipes, for example for danish remoulade, the delicious dip can be made easily, quickly and without artificial additives.

Variations for tartar sauce

For a Danish tartar sauce, the herbs can be replaced by 50 grams of finely chopped cauliflower and white cabbage. In addition, a small chopped onion is stirred in and the mixture is sweetened to taste with a light jam. Danish remoulade tastes wonderful with fish dishes, but also as a salad dressing or just with boiled eggs or potatoes.

In general, the following applies to tartar sauce: Anything that pleases is allowed. There are also remoulade recipes with anchovy fillets and capers, as well as, for example, a Dutch version with pineapple.

Tip: Remoulade can also be prepared wonderfully vegan and gives salads, burgers, wraps or potato wedges from the oven a special whistle.

You can find many other dishes that are easy to make yourself and do not cause garbage in our book:

Have you ever made tartar sauce yourself? We look forward to your tips and ideas in the comments!

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With these remoulade recipes, for example for danish remoulade, the delicious dip can be made easily, quickly and without artificial additives.

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