Nouvelle-Aquitaine, gastronomy under the sign of quality and commitment

Did you know that New Aquitaine is the first agricultural region in Europe? A land symbol of gastronomy that stands out in particular for the quality of its products. 218 of them are thus certified, valuing their quality as their origin.

Quality as the basis of guarantees

In New Aquitaine, each product has its own terroir, with the same quality requirement as a bottom line. Whatever the product, only one obsession indeed: to produce it in the rules of Art. Espelette AOP peppers are for example grown in a defined territory, according to strict specifications, far from any standardization. It has also been an AOC since 2000. The milk from Poitou cheeses, such as Mothers on leaf or Chabichou from Poitou PDO, is obtained from goats fed with fodder, cereals and various herbs produced mainly on demarcated geographical area. As for the IGP Southwest Foie Gras Duck – Périgord, it is raised outdoors and fed with a 100% natural diet. In New Aquitaine, we do not joke with quality!

Taste first

The typicity of Nouvelle-Aquitaine products is at the very source of the taste. They offer inimitable flavors and fragrances. The terroir is indeed at the origin of their taste characteristics. The Espelette Pepper with its warm and powerfully aromatic “spiciness”, which is said to be legendary, was for example born from a unique know-how, and from the climatic conditions specific to the region. Thus, each product has its characteristics, which will give it its character at the tasting. Gastronomy lovers will not be mistaken!

A preserved environment

Concerned about respecting the environment and natural resources, New Aquitaine takes up the challenge of ecology every day, in particular through sustainable management of resources. For example, a fishing plan has been put in place with the development of alternative fuels for vessels and trawlers or the use of responsible nets.

Respect for animal welfare

In New Aquitaine, respect for animal welfare is at the heart of concerns. Farm poultry from the Landes IGP and Label Rouge, for example, are raised outdoors and in complete freedom. A constant requirement at the very source of the quality of these exceptional products.

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