Sweet pancakes, savory pancakes, flour-free, egg-free, milk-free … how to make pancake batter?

Pancakes: a sweet or savory basic?

Pancakes are easy ! Based on milk, flour and egg, the pancake batter recipe is immutable and its few variations depend on habits or regions: adding beer or cider, with or without citrus zest, with or without orange blossom, added oil or butter … For an ultra fast pancake batter , mix your basic ingredients (milk, eggs, flour, water) in a blender to obtain a fluid preparation, to use immediately, without time rest.

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Salty or sweet ? It’s as simple as it sounds: either you make the same dough, and the difference will be at the time of the filling, or you slightly sweeten the sweet pancake dough , but be careful: within the limit of 30 g sugar for 2 eggs. Beyond that, your pancakes risk caramelizing too much during cooking and taking on a bitter taste…

Also note that the savory pancakes must be slightly thicker than the sweet pancakes so as not to break and maintain the filling: you have the ham and mushroom pancakes , the fresh and very delicious pancake cake with shrimps, crab and salmon or even the tasty chicken pancakes !

Lactose-free, egg-free, gluten-free: pancakes for everyone!

To meet everyone’s specific needs (intolerance, allergies), you can adapt your pancake batter recipes .

  • To replace the milk , mix your dough with cider and water. You can also opt for vegetable milks : oat milk, almond milk, soy milk or even hazelnut milk which allow you to make tasty pancakes without lactose . Attention: in this case, we do not use butter in the dough and when baking, we opt for a neutral oil or an olive oil.
  • To avoid the gluten contained in wheat flour, many delicious alternatives exist: cornstarch, flour of chestnut, rice, buckwheat, chickpeas, amaranth … Mix them up to vary the pleasures and textures!
  • Of pancakes without eggs ? Easy: just remove them from the recipe and add a little baking powder to your dough instead. You can also use whole, richer milk, which will thicken your dough.

The secret of real Breton pancakes

Buckwheat or buckwheat flour ! Devoid of gluten , particularly digestible, rich in amino acids and a full-bodied flavor, buckwheat flour, combined with water, milk, egg and a pinch of salt allows you to make tasty pancakes, garnish with both savory and sweet. Homemade salty
pancake or caramel pancake with salted butter ? Like a little holiday taste!

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