The Top 10 low calorie cheeses

What if all the cheeses were not that fatty? What if we could continue to eat cheese while paying attention to its shape and its health? A short guide to finding your way around and choosing the most harmless cheeses.

Cheese is good for balance

Unless prescribed otherwise, cheese is good for health. Its protein and calcium intakes are quite remarkable. Provided of course to eat it with reason and moderation (who are these?) . A recent study * even showed that consuming 40 g of cheese a day helped fight cardiovascular disease. A “French paradox” that suits our indulgence well!

Choose the least rich cheeses

In order to avoid raising your bad cholesterol levels and the balance needle, you will be more likely to turn to cheeses with a low caloric content. And therefore, containing less lipids than the others. Not to be mistaken, there is an implacable logic that the fresher (soft) cheese, the less it is fatty. Example fresh goat cheese. It contains more water, which leaves less room for equal portion for fat. Conversely, the more the cheese is refined (hard cheese, for example parmesan), the more it will contain fat (because it contains almost no more moisture). To help you, we have listed the most harmless cheeses for the line.

>> Discover the Top 10 low calorie cheeses

The cancoillotte, a cheese to adopt absolutely!

It is the least caloric cheese of all. With 120 kcal / 100 g on the meter (a small bottle compared to 354 kcal from reblochon or 416 kcal from the county), it has a real taste advantage: it really tastes like cheese! In addition, its texture lends itself to a thousand and one preparations, hot or cold.

For example, try garnishing it with naan cheese, a hedgehog bread, or using it as a sauce for pasta, or simply heat it to pour on your potatoes or dip your bread cubes in it: it doesn’t is not much to envy to raclette cheeses and other classic fondue recipes!

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