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Stone pine, also known as Swiss stone pine, Swiss stone pine and Swiss stone pine, has been known to have healing powers in the Alpine region for centuries. Among other things, stone pine oil brings healthy, deep sleep and has a mood-enhancing effect. The oil from the Swiss stone pine can also be of great use in the home. In this article you will learn more about the effective applications with stone pine oil.

The Swiss stone pine is native to the high Alps and Carpathians (from 1500 meters above sea level) and is particularly known for its resistance. To protect against injuries and infections, the stone pine forms strong, rich resin in large quantities, which is stored in the wood and in the cones and protects them from harmful germs. It is also responsible for the fragrant herb-fresh pine scent.

Stone pine pillow for healthy sleep

Because of the relaxing effect of the stone pine aroma on the organism, the wood of the stone pine in the Alpine region is traditionally used for bedroom furniture and wall coverings. Because the balsamic smell stays in the woods for decades and promotes a restful sleep, since it is supposed to calm the heart and the circulation.

The relaxing effect is much easier to achieve with a stone pine cushion. Instead of buying it, you can sew and fill it yourself with these instructions for a homemade herb pillow. The sewing instructions are also suitable for beginners on the sewing machine. Pine chips or flakes are suitable as a filling, among other things on-line are available. Alternatively, other wood shavings can be used, which are drizzled with a few drops of essential stone pine oil.

It has long been known in the Alpine region for its healing powers: the Swiss stone pine. With pine oil, you can also experience the beneficial effects at home.

In order for the stone pine pillow to exude the pleasant scent for as long as possible, it is regularly ventilated at the open window and 30 minutes to “fill up” in the sun when the weather is fine. In this way, the pores in the wood open and the aromas can develop again.

Over time, the pine chips and flakes become drier and lose their fragrance. Then it helps to wrap the pillow in a slightly damp cloth for a few hours until the essential oils start to smell again. If such a refreshment is no longer sufficient, you can replace part of the old filling with new chips and flakes and mix everything well by hand. Even homemade pine oil spray refreshes the pillow.

It has long been known in the Alpine region for its healing powers: the Swiss stone pine. With pine oil, you can also experience the beneficial effects at home.

Make your own pine oil spray

If you prefer a finished pillow or other fillings, you can easily make a sleep-good spray for the pillow case and bed linen yourself with essential stone pine oil.

For 100 milliliters of pine spray you will need:

  • 40 ml odorless alcohol with 40% vol. (E.g. vodka)
  • 60 ml of distilled or boiled water
  • 30 drops Stone pine oil
  • empty spray bottle with at least 100 ml capacity

For the production of the Swiss pine spray, all the ingredients are placed in the spray bottle, sealed and shaken vigorously. The sleep well spray with stone pine oil is ready and ready to use! The spray is stable for many weeks and is shaken briefly before each use.

Positive side effect: The intense smell of Swiss stone pine oil also sells house dust mites. If you want to do something about the mites in bed with simple measures, spray the bed linen regularly with the stone pine oil spray.

Essential oils can help with sleep problems and inner restlessness. With this simple recipe for self-made sleep well spray, the pillow becomes a soothing sleep aid.

Pine scent for living rooms

For room scenting with stone pine oil, for example, a mixture of 20 drops of stone pine oil and ten drops of mandarin or orange oil is suitable, which can be put in a homemade room spray or in a diffuser. With this combination of oils, the air is refreshed while intensifying the calming effect on the mind.

If you want to achieve other effects with stone pine oil, you can read in a separate post which essential oils are suitable for which purpose.

It has long been known in the Alpine region for its healing powers: the Swiss stone pine. With pine oil, you can also experience the beneficial effects at home.


Pine oil for relaxation and inhalation

The relaxing, harmonizing effect of stone pine oil comes into its own in a full bath. In addition, it relieves muscle tension, counteracts sore muscles and clears the airways.

Ten drops of stone pine oil, 100 grams of sea salt / bath salt and two teaspoons of honey are sufficient for a full bath. So that the oil mixes well with the bath water, it is first mixed with the honey. Then the honey-oil mixture and the sea salt are hand-distributed in the water. A water temperature of maximum 38 ° C is recommended in order not to overwhelm the circuit.

To treat muscle tension in a targeted manner, a circulation-promoting massage oil made of only two ingredients helps: Mix five drops of Swiss stone pine oil with 50 milliliters of an oil that suits your skin and massage it into the tense areas.

In addition, the essential stone pine oil, like the oils of pine and spruce, has an expectorant and disinfectant effect. Inhalation with stone pine oil is beneficial for colds and bronchitis.

It has long been known in the Alpine region for its healing powers: the Swiss stone pine. With pine oil, you can also experience the beneficial effects at home.

Pine oil against insects

The spicy scent of the Swiss pine repels unloved insects. Just as the Swiss pine oil spray helps against dust mites, it also keeps clothes moths away. To do this, spray the cabinets regularly from the inside. Alternatively, a scented sachet also protects clothing that has been filled with pine chips and drizzled with one or two drops of pine oil.

Instead of shavings, the bag can be stuffed with dried plant parts or flowers. To maintain the fragrance permanently, it is advisable to add a few drops to the fragrance sachet every three to four weeks.

The stone pine oil also helps against mosquitoes, so that they don’t even come near. In our review for anti-mosquito lotion bars, stone pine oil is an effective addition, or it is used instead of citronella oil.

You can easily make solid lotion bars with an anti-mosquito effect yourself. They are mosquito repellent and natural skin care at the same time - without unhealthy ingredients.

Stone pine oil for wood care

If a little stone pine oil is added to the cleaning water when cleaning wooden floors, it refreshes the entire room and gives the wood natural and nourishing protection. A single drop of stone pine oil per liter of water is sufficient. A few drops in a self-made polish are also suitable for the care of wooden furniture.

Natural care for parquet and floorboards: Whether sealed, oiled or waxed, you do not need any special cleaning agents. Proper cleaning and care can be achieved with simple home remedies.

Swiss pine: effective ingredients

Like a pleasant walk through the forest, the essential oils of the Swiss stone pine have a balancing effect on body and mind. The fragrance notes of Swiss stone pine oil brighten up heavy moods and help with depression. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients also support the immune system.

Stone pine oil is a particularly valuable oil, because the stone pine is protected due to its location and slow growth. It is made from branches that are not used for wood processing. As with every purchase of an essential oil, it is advisable to click on the indication pure Stone pine oil to pay attention to, which is also the Latin name Pinus cembra wearing.

100 percent pure essential oil – Swiss stone pine organic

Here is an overview of the most important data on stone pine oil:

Botanical name

Pinus cembra

Plant part

whole branch


Steam distillation


Bornyl acetate, myrcene, cineol, pinene, pinosylvin, limonene

Fragrance profile

fresh, woody, spicy, resinous

Fragrance note

Head-heart note


invigorating, clarifying


analgesic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, mood-enhancing


Muscles, joints, cold, relaxation, indoor air improvement, insects

In our book tip there is more information to discover about applications with essential oils:

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Which essential oil do you prefer to use and for what? We look forward to your tips in the comments!

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In the Alpine region it has long been known for its healing powers: the Swiss stone pine. You can also experience the beneficial effects at home with stone pine oil.

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