What are the most caloric fruits?

Sources of vitamins and minerals, fruits contain many riches essential for the proper functioning of the body. Among them, some may be sweeter or more fatty than others and dispensed with a diet. So what are the most caloric fruits? We tell you everything.

Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day *: yes, but not just any. As part of a diet, some fruits may contain more calories than others. These should sometimes be consumed in moderation. In this caloric classification, there are many bad students such as dried fruit, bananas or even coconut.

Do negative calorie fruits exist?

It is rumored that certain fruits are negative calories, which means that the energy expended in burning calories is greater than the calorie intake itself. Therefore, the more we eat these types of products, the more calories we lose. Although the offer can be very attractive, it is not unanimous. While some nutritionists claim that no food makes you lose weight, others argue that the digestion of low-calorie products can be beneficial during a diet.

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The most caloric fruits

The most caloric fruits are the fruits richest in sugars and/or fatty acids. Thus, we find among them pecan (729 calories per 100g **), banana (90 calories per 100g) or avocado (155 calories per 100g).

The misconception: lower calorie dried fruits?

In the list of the ten most caloric fruits, we mainly find dried fruits. Dehydrated, they lose all their water and are therefore richer in sugar. Dates, dried apricots or almonds are part of the lot.

The least calorie fruits

Conversely, the least calorie fruits are those that contain the most water, namely: rhubarb, pomelo, strawberry or watermelon. To consume without moderation.

* PNNS (National Health and Nutrition Program) recommendations
** Source: ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety)

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