What if we started with whole sugars?

They are said to be natural, unrefined or even raw. Rapadura, muscovado… whole sugars are trendy among great chefs and in Parisian gastronomic circles. So, snobbery or a real interesting alternative to white sugar?

We are told more and more: we consume too much sugar! And the list of harms caused by this overconsumption continues to grow. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc., the war on sugar is declared.

Ideally, you should eat without added sugar. Yes, certainly, but hey… life would be very sad, we agree with you. What if the alternative was to switch to whole sugars?

What are unrefined sugars?

In contrast to refined sugar, which undergoes an industrial treatment removing its color but also all of its minerals, trace elements and flavors, unrefined sugars are raw and complete. They keep their micronutrients (even if we’re not going to lie to each other, their quantity remains anecdotal) but above all their racy flavor.
Rest assured: in France, the majority of white sugar that we buy is unrefined sugar because it comes from beet (a naturally white sugar). However, mistrust of brown sugar: this sugar from sugar cane is refined and then recolored using caramel for example.

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The interest of raw sugars?

As said before, unrefined sugars are more mineralized than refined sugars. But above all, their main interest is their sweetening power, higher than that of white sugar. In addition, their taste is often very pronounced. Result: we put less, even much less in our yogurts, our cookies, our cakes … And less sugar is good for your health, CQFD.

5 whole sugars to test without delay!

Go for a walk in your organic store or in a delicatessen, to taste one of these ultra-scented sugars.

Rapadura: it is uncrystallized cane sugar that comes from Brazil. It is amber, moist and mellow. Its taste is reminiscent of caramel and licorice.

Galabé: this cane sugar comes from Reunion. Without exaggeration, it is the world champion of length in the mouth. We find notes of dried fruit, liquorice, even chocolate and coffee. Some go so far as to say that it leaves a delicious aftertaste of dulce de leche… we want it!

Muscovado: at the editorial office, this is our favorite. The essential ingredient of the best cookies in the world and our irresistible blondie . This cane sugar from Mauritius has a high molasses content, which gives it a very marked licorice flavor and caramel notes. Absolutely delicious!

Coconut blossom sugar: as its name suggests, it is produced from the sap of Coco Nucifera flowers, in India, South America and the Pacific. To taste, we find the delicious flavor of coconut with a touch of caramelized.

Kitul sap: the stems of kitul flowers in Sri Lanka and southern India are sip of a very sweet juice. After harvesting by hand, this sap is heated until the formation of a divinely caramelized syrup.

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