Which vegetables contain the most calories?

Rich in fiber and antioxidants, vegetables provide all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Besides their benefits, some of them may contain more calories than others. Tomatoes, green vegetables, exotic vegetables … What are the most energetic vegetables?

Vegetables, as we know, must be eaten daily. However, some of them can be particularly heavy: they should be consumed in moderation or avoided as part of a diet. Discover the classification of the most caloric vegetables.

The most caloric vegetables

Vegetables that have a high nutritional value such as Jerusalem artichoke (81 calories per 100g *), potato (75 calories per 100g *), broad beans (71 calories per 100g *) or even parsnip (67 calories per 100g *), contain a mixture of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. Nutrients, certainly rich, but beneficial for the organism.

The lowest calorie vegetables

To subscribers absent from the calorie vegetable list, we find the vegetables richest in water. And in this area, raw vegetables are unbeatable: tomatoes (18 calories per 100g *), lettuce (15 calories per 100g *), radish (11 calories *) and cucumber (13 calories per 100g *).

Calories in pulses

Be careful, do not confuse vegetables and legumes (also called pulses). Richer in carbohydrates (starch) and proteins (vegetable), the latter have a higher caloric intake. Among them, we find lentils (123 calories per 100g *), red beans (108 calories per 100g *) or chickpeas (122 calories per 100g *). Nutritionists generally advise the consumption of legumes in addition to a portion of vegetables.

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